Wonder Woman Milind Soman’s 81 year old mother wears sari as pushups – Milind Soman’s mother Usha Soman is doing push ups after a video of sari went viral Ankita called her Wonder Woman

Usha Soman, mother of Bollywood actor-model Milind Soman, has turned 81. However her mother, like Milind, is also a fitness freak and whatever happens, always takes time for her workout. Usha Soman is often seen in her pics and videos with Milind, but recently a video of her going viral on social media in which she is seen doing pushups.

Everyone is surprised to see 81-year-old Usha wearing a sari wearing push-ups and sharing this video a lot. Milind’s wife Ankita shared this video of her mother-in-law on her Instagram account, in which Usha is telling the whole world that age is just a number. In one clip, Usha Soman says, “Each of us has a Wonder Woman.”

The real Wonder Woman is number two

Sharing a video of mother-in-law, Ankita Conver wrote on Instagram, “People who know me know how much I love Wonder Woman. It’s all about her after I told her mother-in-law about Wonder Woman. I have to say this and now I I think she should be ranked second. Each of us has a Wonder Woman. Usha Soman is 1 year old. “

Social media users have praised Milind Soman’s mother Usha in the comment box. One user wrote in the comment box, “Really Usha ji, you are really beautiful.” Another comment, “I remember my grandmother seeing you.” Similarly Ankita has made a lot of comments on the posts by Ankita and she has built a bridge to praise Usha.

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