With the release of Pawansingh’s new song ‘Chhotki Nandadi’, watch the video – Pawan Singh’s new Bhojpuri song Chhoti Nanadi Ray went viral on YouTube Pawansingh video lbse

Songs from Bhojpuri films Superstar Hero and Best Singer Pawan Singh dominate YouTube. A new song is being composed these days. The lyrics of the song are ‘Chhotki Nandi Re …’ This is an audio dio song, yet people like it very much.

With the release, the song has been covered on YouTube. Pawan Singh has embellished this voice with his own voice. At the same time, Vinay Bihari, who has been in the Bhojpuri film industry for a long time, has written this song. Pawan Singh has also shared a clip of the song on his Facebook page.

The music of the song is provided by Chhotu Rawat. The song has been released on Web Music’s YouTube channel. It has been viewed more than 33 lakh times in 10 days.

The song includes a joke on ‘Nand-Bhaijai’. The melody of the song reminds me of traditional Bhojpuri songs. However, only the audio Dio version of the song has been released, but the picture of the actress in the song’s poster shows that her video version may also be released soon.