Why does Sana Khan marry Anus Syed who wants to be a mother soon

New Delhi Actress Sana Khan has surprised everyone by announcing her sudden departure from the industry. Sanaa shared a post on social media account Instagram announcing that she is saying goodbye to the world of showbiz forever. After this, fans were further shocked when photos and videos of their wedding suddenly went viral on social media. Everyone was surprised by Sana’s sudden marriage decision. The actress says that she did not take these two decisions suddenly. He did not suddenly decide to marry Anus.

Speaking to Itimes, Sana said when and where the two met. Sana said she met Ans in Mecca in 2017. When Sana was returning to India, the two had a brief meeting, Ans told Sana that he is an Islamic scholar. After this, Sana had to ask some questions related to religion, which led him to contact Ans in the year 2018. After this, in the same year i.e. in 2020, he communicated with Ans again. Sana revealed that her husband is not Mufti, Aleem.

The actress said she did not decide to marry Anus overnight. “I have prayed for many years to find such a person,” Sana said. What I like most about them is that they are right and they are good. They are not decisive. He once said to me, ‘If something has fallen into the gutter, put 10 buckets of water on it, it’s not clean. But take it out of the gutter and pour a glass of water, it is clean. This thing of Anus left a lot of impression on me. Sana said about family planning that her husband wants time, but the actress wants to be a mother soon. At the same time, the actress on trolling said, ‘I left the industry and got married because of this people also make a lot of dirty comments on my post, but I don’t mind. I’m not married to these trolls. My husband is a good man. I don’t care about anyone else.

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