WhatsApp TSP Payments Partners State Bank of India ICICI Bank HDFC Bank Axis Bank got approval from NPCI

Facebook-owned WhatsApp Pay announced on Wednesday that it is now live in India with State Bank of India India, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank and Axis Bank with more than 20 million users in India. . After a two-year wait, WhatsApp Payment Services was allowed to survive with 160 banks on the UPI of 160 National Payments Corporation (NPCI) in November. People will now be able to send money quickly and easily through WhatsApp.

“People can safely send money to a family member through WhatsApp Pay or go to a local bank without making a cash transaction,” said Abhijeet Bose, WhatsApp’s head (India) at the Facebook Fuel for India virtual event. The transaction will be possible.

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The payment facility on WhatsApp will be the same as Google Pay, Phone Pay, Bhima and other bank apps. So you don’t have to keep money in WhatsApp wallet. Because now you can pay directly from your bank account through WhatsApp. When you register for payment, WhatsApp will create a new UPI ID. You can see this ID by going to the payment section of the application.

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Through other apps like Bhima, Google Pay or Phone Pay you can send money to everyone who has UPI using WhatsApp Payments. Money can be sent even if the recipient has not registered on WhatsApp Payments. The Rs 1 lakh transaction limit for UPI also applies to WhatsApp. UPI is a free service and you will not have to pay any fee for the transaction.