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NEW DELHI: Recently, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) required all vehicles to have a High Security License Plate (HSRP) which was sold before April 2019. On Tuesday, the Delhi Department of Transport began to fine vehicles without HSRP and color-coded fuel stickers. Offenders should be fined Rs 10,000 under the amended Motor Vehicle Act, but the fine has been increased to Rs 5,500.
TOI Auto briefly explains what an HSRP means and why it has been made mandatory by the central government.
What is HSRP?
A high security license plate is made of aluminum and is attached to the vehicle by two non-reusable locks. The plaque features a hot stamped chrome-based hologram of Ashoka Chakra in the upper left corner which is blue in color and measures precisely 20mm x 20mm. In the lower left corner of the nameplate is a 10-digit PIN (permanent identification number) which is laser engraved on the reflective sheet.
Likewise, the HSRP comes with a hot stamped film applied to the registration numbers and letters bearing “India” at a 45 degree angle. Once the unique registration is established, it is then electronically linked to the vehicle.

Example of color-coded sticker

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Why is HSRP mandatory and what are its benefits?
The main reason behind this mandate is that old license plates are fairly easy to tamper with and can be removed or changed easily. A stolen vehicle always ends up with a replacement license plate, making it difficult for authorities to track it down, but HSRPs come with a non-removable snap lock and are quite difficult to replace.
HSRPs are also useful because a car’s essential details, including the engine number and chassis number, are stored in a centralized database. The data stored along with the 10-digit PIN becomes crucial in identifying a stolen car.
HSRPs are set by state-approved car dealerships and private sellers. HSRPs are only issued after the vehicle owner submits essential details such as the engine number and chassis number. This procedure is very useful for preventing counterfeiting of license plates.
Authorities have also tackled the problem of incomprehensible license plates as owners end up using different fonts and other additions and make it difficult for traffic police to read license plates. HSRPs have a uniform pattern, thus eliminating the whole problem.

A color coded fuel sticker being attached

How much does HSRP cost?
The central government has not limited the price of HSRP, which means that the cost could vary in various states. On average, HSRP costs around Rs 400 for two-wheelers, up to Rs 1,100 for four-wheelers depending on the category. Color coded stickers can be fitted for Rs 100 for vehicles with HSRP.
Where can HSRPs be purchased?
For vehicle owners in Uttar Pradesh and Delhi, bookmyhsrp.com is a dedicated portal to purchase HSRP and color coded fuel stickers. The website has been authorized by the government to provide HSRP. Information such as vehicle registration number, chassis number and engine number will be required to book an appointment.
As for the other states, not many have announced a repression campaign like the UP government and Delhi. The best way to purchase a color-coded HSRP sticker is through RTOs.
Another way to purchase HSRP is through authorized car dealerships, but it should be noted that many dealerships are not yet authorized to perform the procedure and the best way would be to check the respective state Department of Transportation web portal for such information.
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