Violence, floods and Corona … These four countries are on the brink of starvation – South Sudan starves, Burkina Faso, Yemen and Nigeria face drought

Even in the twenty-first century, there are many countries in the world where severe drought conditions may occur in the coming days. The United Nations has warned of drought in many parts of South Sudan, including Yemen, Burkina Faso and Nigeria. The worst situation is in South Sudan. These countries have long faced violence. After which floods and corona virus have destroyed people’s livelihood.

The poor condition of South Sudan
South Sudan’s Pibor County has faced horrific violence and unprecedented flooding this year. Seven families in the country’s Lekuanguole city told the media that their 13 children died of starvation between February and November. The head of government here, Peter Golu, said he had received reports from community leaders that between September and December, 17 children had died of starvation in and around villages.

These countries are mentioned in the UN report
The drought could not be declared due to insufficient data in the report of the Drought Review Committee issued this month by the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification. But it is believed that there is a drought in South Sudan. This means that at least 20 percent of households are facing a food crisis.

In South Sudan, 30 percent of children are malnourished
In addition, at least 30 percent of children in South Sudan are severely malnourished. However the South Sudanese government does not agree with the findings of the report. The government says that if there is a drought, it will be seen as a failure. South Sudan is struggling to recover from a five-year civil war. Food safety experts believe the ongoing war situation has led to a hunger crisis.

The government there rejected the UN report
John Pengche, chairman of South Sudan’s Food Safety Committee, said: “They are speculating. We are talking about the facts here. They do not know the reality of the land. The government says 11,000 people are starving in the country, far fewer than the 1,05,000 estimates given by food safety experts in the report.

Charged by the World Peace Foundation
Alex de Vale, executive director of the World Peace Foundation, said that whatever is happening, the South Sudanese government is ignoring its seriousness, but also denying its own policies and military support for the incident. Strategy is responsible.