Victory Day will bring stability after the incident of Chief Lieutenant General Anil Chauhan Galwan – Victory Day: Chief Lieutenant General Anil Chauhan said

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the 1971 War. On the occasion of Victory Day, Chief Lieutenant General Anil Chauhan of the Army’s former command said, “I would like to say that since the battle of Ladakh, there has been no major infiltration or conflict in the eastern command area.” After the Galavan incident, it will take time for mutual trust and stability between us and the PLA at LAC.

Let me tell you that after this war in 1971, Bangladesh came into existence as a country and on this day India rocked Pakistan. Victory Day is celebrated on December 16 every year to commemorate India’s victory in liberating Bangladesh from Pakistan in 1971. On this occasion, PM Modi visited the National War Memorial and paid homage to the heroes of the 1971 war and then lit the ‘Golden Victory Torch’.

The Victory Day function was attended by Modi, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, Defense Minister (CDS) Vipin Rawat and the three Army Chiefs.

On this occasion, the Prime Minister paid tribute to the martyrs of the 1971 war. Modi lit four victory torches with a burning flame at the National Summer Memorial and sent them to various parts of the country, including the Paramvir Chakra and the Mahavir Chakra winning villages of the 1971 war. In addition to the villages of these victors, the battlefield clay of 1971 will be brought to the National War Memorial in New Delhi.