Victory Day 2020: 1971 India-Pakistan War and Victory Lights Latest News – Victory Day, India Pakistan in just 13 days

During Bangladesh’s freedom struggle, the ‘Mukti Vahini’ was formed to protest against the tyranny of the Pakistani army. In 1969, discontent erupted in East Pakistan against the then military ruler of Pakistan, General Ayub. It was at its peak in 1970 during the movement of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the founding leader of Bangladesh.

Indira Gandhi’s big decision

In late March 1971, the Government of India decided to assist the Liberation Army. Muktawahini was actually the East Pakistani army that liberated Bangladesh from Pakistan. The freedom fighters include soldiers and thousands of civilians from East Pakistan. On March 31, 1971, Indira Gandhi addressed the Indian Parliament, talking about helping the people of East Bengal. On July 29, 1971, the Indian MP publicly announced his support for the boys in East Bengal. The Indian Army had started preparations on his behalf. The preparations also included training of Muktavahini fighters.

The Indian Army told General Niazi of Pakistan, two surrendered

Major General JFR Jacob went to Dhaka to talk to General Niazi of Pakistan and ask him to surrender. Niazi tried to show the broadcast at first but when Jacob said that a very good proposal is surrendered, otherwise we will not have any responsibility.

The tears of the Pakistani general

Jacob said he had asked Nazrul Niazi of Pakistan to hand over the sword. Niazi then said he did not have a sword. Jacob then asked him to give him a pistol. There were tears in his eyes when Niazi was handing over his pistol to Lieutenant General Jagjit Singh Arora.

Only 13 days and Pakistan was upset


Lieutenant General P.S. Mehta says that on December 3, Pakistan attacked 11 Indian airfields. After the start of this war and in just 13 days, the Indian invaders drove out Pakistan.

See the bravery of the Indian Army in this picture

At that time, the Indian army attacked Pakistan, allaying the fears of the US and China. Indian troops fiercely aided the Muktavahini and rescued six Pakistani soldiers.

3,000 soldiers hit hard and batted Pakistan


General Niazi of Pakistan had more than 26,000 troops in Pakistan while India had only 3,000 troops 30 km from India. But due to the courage and bravery of the Indian generals, Pakistan was completely defeated.

93,000 Pakistani soldiers surrender


On December 17, 93,000 Pakistani soldiers were taken prisoner. About four thousand Indian soldiers were killed in this war.

Salute to the Armed Forces of the Indian Army