Victim of the “Love jihad” law: I fear my son is dead … I want my husband back

Written by Jignasa Sinha | Moradabad |

Updated: December 16, 2020 07:56:35

Speaking to reporters after Rashid’s arrest, three months pregnant Pinki said Saturday morning that the two would register their marriage when the police caught them. Rashid’s older brother Saleem, 25, who was with them, was also arrested.

Speaking with The Indian Express, the 22 years old now reunited with the family of the man detained on charges of forcibly converting her and marrying her, she said she had been bleeding for days and was afraid she had lost the baby she was carrying. “The doctors didn’t tell me anything,” Pinki said. Stressing that she was “grown up” and “happy with my choice”, she added: “I want my husband back.”

Recounting how “10-15 people” beat her and Rashid Ali as they were about to register their marriage, suspecting it was a case of ‘love jihad’, and handed over to police, Pinki said she was abused by caretakers. reception house where she was taken, as well as doctors from the Moradabad Mahila District Hospital. “I told the keepers to give me medicine for stomach pain but they called me dramebaaz (actor) and they didn’t help me. They transferred me to the hospital after I started bleeding. In the hospital, the doctors gave me tablets and injections to treat me, but my condition got worse. I still have heavy vaginal bleeding. “

Although district officials had previously denied reports of a miscarriage and said Pinki’s three-month fetus was fine, a senior medical officer at the hospital told The Indian Express that this was yet to be confirmed. “When she came here, we gave her pills to stop the bleeding. An ultrasound test was performed and the fetus was located. However, we don’t know if his heart is beating. We referred the woman to a Meerut hospital for further tests, ”the medical officer said, while denying that Pinki had been mistreated.

Pinki said she and Rashid (22) met in Dehradun in December 2019. Pinki, who belongs to Bijnor, worked in a clothing store while Rashid was employed in a salon. After getting married in July of this year, challenging his family, he said his mother and sister came to Dehradun. “They beat me. I told my mother to break up and I also filed a complaint at a police station in Dehradun. After the complaint, he stopped calling me. “

Having lived together since August, the couple only recently decided to register their marriage. Rashid’s mother, Naseem Jahan (51), said they wanted legal documents because they were scared after the anti-conversion law in Uttar Pradesh and because of the confusion over the Citizenship Act (amendment) and the NRC. “We were shocked when Rashid told us about the wedding, but we accepted their nikah. However, we were afraid they didn’t have marriage papers. We don’t know much about the laws. So, we contacted a lawyer to register the marriage. “

The family believe the lawyer told someone about their marriage. On Saturday, after submitting the application, as the couple, accompanied by Rashid Salim’s older brother, were on their way to an office for a seal, they were stopped by 10-15 men.

Pinki said the men beat them, claiming theirs was a case of “love jihad”, and took them to a police station. According to her, it was the men who brought her mother off Bijnor and filed a lawsuit against her and Rashid.

Denying these allegations, the police said they arrested the three near the lawyer’s office upon a complaint from Pinki’s mother. “The mother said her daughter was forced to convert. He issued a registered statement … It was based on this that the local police arrested them. The matter is now in court, “Moradabad Senior Police Superintendent Prabhakar Chaudhary said.

Presented on Monday before a magistrate, Pinki said she was an adult, married in July, long before the Ordinance on the prohibition of illegal conversion of the religion of Uttar Pradesh, 2020, was approved, of her own free will. and that he wanted to go with Rashid’s family. With Rashid and Salim in prison, the police said they would take legal advice on how to proceed in the case now.

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