Turtle Tsunami; 92000 giant South American river turtles formed in the Brazilian river Riverline turtle tsunami in Brazil, producing more than 92 thousand turtles; Rare sight in video

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  • Turtle Tsunami; 92000 giant South American river turtles formed in the Brazilian river

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Rio de Janeiro2 hours ago

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  • The Brazilian Wildlife Conservation Society released a video of him
  • Smuggling of eggs and meat is reducing the number of turtles in this South American river

More than 92,000 turtles were born on the banks of the Purus River in Brazil. A video of this has been released by the Brazilian Wildlife Conservation Society. According to the Society, this is a rare occurrence as it occurs in fewer places in the world. They are commonly known as South American river turtles.

Smuggling reduced their numbers
This South American river turtle population is declining due to the smuggling of meat and eggs. According to the Brazilian Wildlife Conservation Society, large-scale tortoises are born in protected areas. Ordinary people are not allowed in this area.

The members of the society take care of the female turtles. Society is working to save and preserve endangered species. Research is also done to understand them.

A flock of turtles has been seen for many days
According to the Wildlife Conservation Society, South American river turtles come for breeding every year. It takes months for the eggs to hatch. After hatching, they emerge from the sand and head for the river. This happens for many days. Every day thousands of turtles hatch from the eggs like flocks.

Memorable moment of reaching the river from the egg
“Giant turtles hatching from eggs and reaching the river are memorable moments,” says an aquatic turtle expert from the Wildlife Conservation Society. Much work is being done to save this turtle species.

Turtle Tsunami: MOS from @WCS Newsroom on Insurance.

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