Trump vetoes defense policy bill: US President Donald Trump vetoes defense policy bill – Our President Donald Trump vetoes the annual defense policy bill


  • US President Donald Trump vetoed the defense policy bill
  • Trump cast his vote for the first time in his tenure
  • The bill also addresses ongoing tensions between India and China.

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US President Donald Trump has vetoed the annual defense policy bill. Trump said the bill would help Russia and China. About a week ago, the US Congress passed this 40 740 billion defense policy bill.

Trump overridden the vote for the first time in his tenure
This will probably be the first time in the tenure of 45th US President Donald Trump that he has overridden a bill. The bill confirms a percent increase in the salaries of American soldiers. U.S. in military programs and construction. Empowerment over થી 740 billion.

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Trump threatened to repeal the bill
The bill became the National Defense Authority Act (NDAA) after the bill was passed in the US Parliament. The bill was endorsed by MPs in the House of Representatives and the Senate (both houses of Parliament). Now it had to be approved by the president, but President Trump has already said the bill does not provide for legal protection for social media companies. In such a case, he would exercise his exclusive right to veto the bill.

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The bill also mentions India-China tensions
Significantly, the bill addresses ongoing tensions on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) between India and China. In fact, the resolution attached to this was introduced by the Indian American MP Raja Krishnamurthy. It said China should not try to infiltrate or tamper with India’s border. Parliament passed the bill and included King Krishnamurti’s resolution.

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