Tripura BJP MLA Sudip Roy Barman tries to install Vajpayee statue at hospital, confronts cops

BJP MLA Sudip Roy Barman said he took permission to install the statue


A police complaint was filed against a BJP MLA in the Agartala capital of Tripura after they attempted to install a statue of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee in a regional cancer treatment center. BJP MLA Sudip Roy Barman tried to install the statue at the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Regional Cancer Center today on the anniversary of the former prime minister’s birth, also celebrated by the BJP as Good Governance Day.

Mr. Barman is Tripura’s former health minister; he was removed from the cabinet led by Prime Minister Biplab Deb.

Three workers who were trying to install the statue were arrested by the police following a complaint from the hospital superintendent.

Mr. Barman said he obtained permission from the hospital superintendent and even invited Governor Ramesh Bais and the prime minister, but the joint secretary of the Prime Minister’s office Sumit Roy Choudhury in a letter to Mr. Barman said that he was out of his constitutional limits by installing a government statue on the ground.

“Even if the initiative was noble, you do not have the authority to build a statue in government land without first obtaining permits from the government. If you had the right intentions, you would have informed well in advance and given the government time to come up with your proposal and then, he would have erected the statue after getting the proper permissions, “Choudhury said in the letter, arguing that Barman” abused constitutional power. “

Mr. Barman was minister of health and was instrumental in setting up the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Regional Cancer Center in Agartala, his constituency.

“As an MLA and a member of the hospital’s social welfare society, I wanted to commemorate the birthday of Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji, after whom the health center is also named, by erecting a statue of him. I had hoped the party would. it would have overcome political differences and support me in this initiative which was not supposed to be political, “Barman told local media.

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Mr. Barman said that, along with three other MLAs, he asked the hospital superintendent for permission on December 19 to install the statue on December 25.

“He initially appreciated the move and then work began to set up the base of the statue. But the next day, he told us the request was sent to the administration and was awaiting approval,” said Barman.

“On December 21, they invited the Governor to ask him to inaugurate the statue and the next day, December 22, they invited the Prime Minister to honor the event as the main guest,” added Barman.

“On December 23, the Governor said he would only be present if the Prime Minister does, to whom we have assured him we have invited him too. But there has been no further communication from either the Prime Minister’s Office or the Superintendent. forward with the function as the statue had already arrived from Calcutta. But the police intervened, “Barman said.

There were differences between Biplab Deb’s government and Mr. Barman. Local media reported that a group of 10 MLAs and several state leaders, presumably led by Mr. Barman, visited Delhi in October to discuss state BJP issues with the central leadership.

Barman, 54, the son of former prime minister and congressional leader Samir Ranjan Barman, had led seven MLAs to join the BJP in June 2017 by the Trinamool Congress (TMC), along with other party leaders and workers. It was considered instrumental in signing an alliance with IPFT.