The Xiaomi Redmi K40 gaming video shows the new shoulder keys

The Redmi K40 Gaming will be powered by the Dimensity 1200 when it launches next week. Despite being part of an already established lineup, it will essentially be a new phone with new cameras, designs and other hardware features.

One of these are the shoulder keys for the game, which will appear to the side once a slider is pulled. Here is a nice video from Redmi, explaining how it works.

The brand claims the keys are so good for clicking, they can even be used as fidget toys when the user isn’t playing. They provide crisp sound every time they are pressed and closed with a magnet, providing much better feedback than existing solutions.


Trigger activated • Trigger deactivated

According to the Weibo post, the shoulders are extremely resilient and have been clicked 1.5 million times without fault. Thanks to the close-ups in the video, we can also see that the frame will be metal, as well as the actual shoulders, while the back panel appears to be made of glass, which would allow for fast wireless charging.

Source (in Chinese)