The US presidential inauguration will be a low-key affair with limited participation: the organizers

WASHINGTON: The inauguration of United States President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on January 20 will be a low-key public affair, organizers said, urging people to attend the historic event from home ahead of the the coronavirus pandemic.
On Wednesday, the Congressional Inaugural Ceremonies Committee (JCCIC), responsible for planning and conducting the inaugural ceremonies of the President-elect and Vice President-elect of the United States at the Capitol, said on Wednesday that invitations to members of the 117th Congress will limited to oneself and one guest.
The Presidential Inauguration Committee (PIC) urged the public to refrain from any travel and participate in the inaugural activities from home.
“Our goal is to create an opening that keeps people safe, honors the great traditions of the Presidency and showcases the Biden-Harris administrationThe renewed American vision of inclusive, equitable and unified citizenship, ”said Tony Allen, CEO of PIC.
Traditionally, JCCIC distributes 200,000 tickets for official ceremonies at the Capitol and provides ticket packages to members of Congress for distribution to voters.
On January 20, President-elect Biden, 78, and Vice-President-elect Harris, 56, will be sworn in at the United States Capitol during a historic ceremony that includes vigorous health and safety protocols.
President-elect Biden will also deliver an inaugural address setting out his vision to defeat the virus, better rebuild and reunite the country.
“The JCCIC, in consultation with diversified health and medical experts and the Presidential Inaugural Committee determined that this global pandemic and the increase in COVID-19 cases justified a difficult decision to limit participation in the 59th opening ceremony to a live audience resembling a State of the Union, “said JCCIC President Roy Blunt.
“We are also working on more opportunities to watch ceremonies online, in addition to the traditional national television broadcast,” he said.
“The election of President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris was historic and we know that many Americans would have liked to attend the inauguration in person. At the same time, security must be our top priority, “said Senator Amy Klobuchar.
“While the pandemic has forced us to limit in-person participation, it also offers opportunities to honor our democracy in innovative ways so that Americans across the country can experience. Inauguration day from home, “he said.
The constituency, which met at its respective Capitol, on Monday declared Biden the winner of the November 3 elections. President Donald Trump he refused to grant elections, even though he asked his administration to assist in the transition.
In a separate statement, the Presidential Inauguration Committee (PIC) said the ceremony’s footprint will be extremely limited and that the following parade will be reinvented.
“President-elect Biden’s unwavering commitment to the safety of the American people is our guiding light as we plan an unveiling that protects public health, honors inaugural traditions and engages Americans across the country,” the executive director said. by PIC Maju Varghese.
“We are excited to soon share more information on new and innovative ways all Americans can watch and participate in a historic inauguration that will unify our country,” the Indian-American official said.
PIC has hired a team of experienced manufacturing experts to put together an innovative new program that provides the opportunity for all Americans to safely participate in the grand opening, which will be announced in the coming weeks.
“The pandemic continues to have a significant impact on public health nationwide. Americans around the world must do their part to slow the spread of the virus: wear masks, stay home, and limit meetings. We ask Americans to attend the inaugural events from home to protect themselves, their families, friends and communities, ”said Dr. David Kessler.
The United States is the nation most affected by the pandemic. Last week it reported an average of over 215,000 new infections per day.
More than 303,000 people in the United States have died from the coronavirus in 10 months, and the country has reported 16,964,173 cases of Covid-19, according to Johns Hopkins University.