The UK learns the gender given to truck drivers on France’s border food packets

London, ANI. The introduction of the new Corona virus into Britain has closed the French border. Hundreds of trucks are stuck here. Sikh organizations have started anchoring as the drivers of these trucks have difficulty in eating. Along with the anchor, food packets are also provided for truck drivers from the restaurant. A thousand pizzas have also been sent to the drivers on the appeal of the Sikhs. France has closed its border with caution about the new Corona virus. As a result, hundreds of trucks are parked at the border. Now these truckers are anxious to get home on Christmas. However, both London and Paris have agreed to allow passengers to cross the border on a negative report from Corona. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Sky News reported that members of Khalsa Aid traveled about 210 miles (338 km) to serve hot food to stranded drivers in Kent. The members of the anchorage, known for their philanthropic work, traveled almost twice from Coventry to collect water and food in the cold and rainy season. Volunteers from Guru Nanak Gurdwara in Kent helped cook and pack vegetarian food with M20 to deliver a police escort.

On the first day of the special langar, the members of Khalsa Aid gave them 500 packets of rice and 500 packets of chickpeas. In addition 300 packets of tomato and mushroom pasta dishes were cooked and given to the people. Ravi Singh, the founder of Khalsa Aid, said that it is horrible for (drivers), there is nothing here, nothing to eat, no shop – it is like a prison for them. We can’t go back and do nothing.

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