The Renault Zoe Electric Car Spide test may be launched here in India in detail

Reno zoe electric car: The number of electric cars in the Indian market is steadily increasing. Although the pace is a bit slow compared to other countries, car manufacturers have kept their eye on this segment. Now French giant Renault is also gearing up to launch its popular electric car zone on Indian roads. Recently this car has been found during testing.

The Renault Zoo is quite popular in the European market, although the car tested here is a model of the previous pay generation. With this test, speculation about this car is being started. But since the previous pay generation has been tested, it may be that the company is only testing its components, which could be used in other cars in the future.

Let me tell you that last year the company introduced its Renault K-ZE electric car in the Chinese market. In fact it is an electric version of the famous hatchback car Quid and the Quid is very popular in the Indian market. There are also reports that the company may offer an electric version of the Quid here. So far, no official information has been received about this.

As far as the previous generation Renault Zone is concerned, the company has used a 41-kWh battery pack in this car. Apart from this the car uses an electric motor with a capacity of 92 kW, which generates 123 hp of power and 225 Nm of torque. The car offers a driving range of up to 400 kilometers on a single charge. At the same time, in the latest generation model, the company has used a 52 kWh battery and a 100 kW electric motor. The Renault Zoe is a very popular electric car in the European market, now it is expected that the company can offer it in the market here as well.