The Prime Minister asked- companies take ginger or even land, farmers said- there is no such thing as going to land | The Prime Minister asked- companies take ginger or even land, farmers said- there is no such thing as going to land

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  • Asked by PM whether companies take ginger or land, farmers said there is no such thing as going to land

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New Delhi2 hours ago

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Prime Minister Modi spoke to farmers on many issues like new agricultural laws, farming methods, their advantages and disadvantages, agreements with companies.

Farmers have been protesting on the Delhi border for 30 days. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday held discussions with farmers in seven states of the country. He spoke to farmers on many issues such as new agricultural laws, farming methods, their advantages and disadvantages, agreements with companies. He asked the farmers whether the companies take things or even land. In response, the farmers said there was no discussion of land. We are benefiting from the agreement. Read, Modi’s conversation with 7 farmers …

1. Gagan Peering (Arunachal Pradesh)
Modi: Jai Hind. How do you use the money you have received so far from the Farmers’ Honors Fund?
Farmer: I got 2 to 3 thousand rupees in 4 months. Started organic farming with PM fund money and formed Farming Producers Organization (FPO). I am joined by 446 farmers. Organic ginger is grown.
Modi: Is there a market for this?
Farmer: Doing business in Delhi, Bangalore.
Modi: Do the companies you are involved in buy ginger from you or even take away the land?
Farmer: It doesn’t happen. We have signed an agreement to take the product from the company. No talking about land.
Modi: Today, they are saying so far from Arunachal that your land is safe. But some people here are spreading confusion that the land of the contracted farmers will be taken. See how many lies people spread.

2. Naveen Thakur (Odisha)
Modi: Navinji, Jai Jagannath. How did you benefit from the plans?
Farmer: I got 10 thousand in 5 installments. I have put this money in fertilizers, seeds, pesticides. I am also thinking for animal husbandry.
Modi: Government of India gives Kisan Credit Card? Know about it Have you got a Kisan Credit Card?
Farmer: Kisan Credit Card was received on 12 March 2019. I have taken a loan of 4% from a bank of 27 thousand. The lender gets a 20% loan. Loan money has improved my life.
Modi: How much land do you have?
Farmer: I have one acre of land. I grow paddy in it. I also want to grow something else.
Modi: We should start working with courage. Atalji’s government started giving cheap loans to farmers, we are taking this work forward. Working to help small farmers. Explain to small farmers that farmers should take a cheap loan by taking a credit card. Work for family and farm labor.

3. Harisinh (Haryana)
Modi: Tell us about your farming?
Farmer: I am a resident of Naghudi, Fatehabad. We have four brothers in 40 acres. There are 15 members in the family. Has been farming for 35 years.
Modi: Father will have a lot of land, which will now be divided among the brothers? What is the situation now?
Farmer: No, there was no partition. All live together.
Modi: You got a good way. In most of the houses, there are very few houses coming from second to second generation, second to third and third to fourth. You have been farming for many years. Tell the farmers of the country what do you do?
Farmer: Before I used to cultivate only rice, but now I also do horticulture. First planted gardens in 2 acres, then planted in 2 acres, now there is a garden in 10 acres. I have grown lemon in 3 acres and guava in 7 acres.
Modi: All your goods are sold in Delhi?
Farmer: We sell goods to local markets, small mandis.
Modi: You get all the money?
Farmer: You will get good money in advance.
Modi: We will contribute more by bringing new things. Combining soil with different crops will also increase your strength.

Ganesh. Ganesh Bhonsle (Maharashtra)
Modi: Ganeshji, how much land do you have?
Farmer: I am a resident of Matula, Latur. There are 3 hectares of land. On this I grow soybeans.
Modi: What did you do before?
Farmer: Cultivation was soybean, tur, gram.
Modi: Do you do anything except farming?
Farmer: There are 9 cows and 13 buffaloes. I invest the money I get from selling milk in agriculture.
Modi: Are you right, is there more income in agriculture or animal husbandry?
Farmer: Both farmer and animal husbandry. Pastoral milk is also used on its own, and is also sold.
Modi: Have you taken advantage of crop insurance scheme?
Farmer: I have been involved in crop insurance scheme for many years. In 2019 PM took advantage of crop insurance scheme. 2580 premium paid. Soybeans spoiled in the rain, I got 54 thousand 315 rupees due to the scheme. Many farmers like me are involved in crop insurance schemes.
Modi: I am very happy. I congratulate you

5. Manoj Patidar (Madhya Pradesh)
Modi: Manoj, tell me about you?
Farmer: I am a resident of Chiklia, Dhar. I have 6 people in my family. I have studied till 10th. I also study in Ahmedabad and Mumbai. I farm in 6 hectares. I grow wheat, chickpeas, peas, soybeans.
Modi: Which government scheme benefited?
Farmer: The amount of 10 thousand rupees was received 5 times from the Kisan Sanman Nidhi used in agriculture. Payments were made from time to time, which benefited.
Modi: Can we explain the change in agriculture after the new laws come into force?
Farmer: We got a new option because of the new agricultural law. Earlier Manda was an option, now you can also sell goods to private traders or other institutions. I have sold soy bean soy chopsticks. Its specialty is that every one day is known before. The thorns are found in front. Payment is received immediately. I am satisfied with the new law. Many farmers in my area are taking advantage of it.
Modi: Some leaders are imposing their agenda on others. He says people in the company can cheat. What is this
Farmer: People do everything in the company. They say in front that there is so much soil, so much moisture. Fix it Wild animals harm our agriculture, solve it too.

6. M Subramani (Tamil Nadu)
Modi: Tell us about your farming.
Farmer: My name is Subramani. There are 4 members in the family i.e. two sons and wife farming together. Planted in 4 acres.
Modi: Is the water situation bad?
Farmer: Previously, due to lack of water, I was able to irrigate only one acre. After this I was advised for drip irrigation by the agriculture officials. 1.33 lakh assistance was also received. It benefited a lot. I can irrigate the whole land. 1.4 million.
Modi: You earned, but also did human service by saving water. Your income also increased and so did the use of land.

7. Ramgulab (Uttar Pradesh)
Farmer: I cultivate in do and acre in Maharajganj. I grow paddy, vegetables. There is a family of 10 members.
Modi: How can you raise such a big family from a small country?
Farmer: We have formed FPO. It has 100 farmers. Cultivation is done by mixing with each. Currently, Ahmedabad has agreed to supply 10 tonnes of sweet potatoes to the company.
Modi: Is FPO a small farmer or a big one?
Farmer: All are small share croppers.
Modi: Does Ahmedabad company buy goods from you, do you benefit?
Farmer: We used to get Rs 15 in the local market, we used to get Rs 25 per kg from the company. They will take us home. Neither freight has to be paid. The company will take him from our home.
Modi: Will the land not pass through this?
Farmer: There is no such thing as landing.
Modi: Lies are spreading here, but trust grows when people like you speak.