The Premier League increases the size of the day’s squad, but not the number of substitutions

The number of substitutes allowed was a hot topic during his one-season Premier League hot topic, and the Premier League has finally caved in and, starting this weekend, will allow two more substitutes … to sit on the bench. .

That’s right, teams will be able to nominate nine substitutes instead of seven, but they will still be able to use only three instead of five.

El. Oh. El.

The move to expand the bench likely has a lot more to do with the league’s announced intention to try the IFAB’s suggested rule changes regarding “concussion subs”, which would allow teams to make two extra changes in a given game for (suspected) head injuries.

And while this is certainly positive and more than welcome and probably long overdue, the firm refusal of most of the league’s stakeholders to increase the number of substitutes from three to five – as every other European championship has sensibly done – continues to baffle. and irritate.