The ministry made it official with a response from RTI, “No permission for the relaunch of PUBG”

PUBG Mobile Latest – The ministry declares “No authorization to PUBG” : The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) has made it official that no permission has been granted to PUBG Mobile in India for the relaunch.

MEITY is the same ministry that banned the game along with hundreds of other Chinese apps in September. In response to an RTI request submitted on November 30, MEITY stated that ““MEITY hasn’t given any permission for PUBG to launch”

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A well-known e-sports entity GEM Esports shared the ministry’s response on their Instagram handle where the central public information official replied to the question submitted via an RTI

MEITY was asked – The submitted query stated:

“Dear Sir / Madam
In September 2020, the Indian government with the consultation of your department (MEITY) banned various Chinese apps. One of which was Pubg Mobile Game. Now, there is a lot of news that the game is being relaunched and the same is done specifically for the Indian audience and will not be harmful to the nation and its citizens. I would like to know if your department has given such clearance to the game so that it can be relaunched. “

– RTI filed on: 11/30/20

MEITY responded by stating:
“MEITY hasn’t given any permission for PUBG to launch”
– Reply on: 11/12/20

It is worth noting that InsideSport was the first news platform to report that PUBG’s relaunch reports / attempts have not been approved by the Ministry and that no such authorization has been granted to anyone.

Officials close to PUBG Mobile also admit that “the return of the game is not possible even on New Year’s Eve”

After chasing MEITY officials nonstop for the past 30 days, the government has yet to grant PUBG officials a hearing. And the great information coming in from both ends is that the gambling ban won’t be lifted for a few months. Sources on the side of PUBG have informed InsideSport that the matter will not be resolved soon.

‘PUBG’s efforts have been made with the right seriousness, but the situation is such: there has been no headwind or progress on the matter. We don’t see the game returning to India in the next few months, at least not until March 2021. It’s a shame but everyone has to live with it. “ the official said following developments from PUBG closely.

It is clear after this statement from the person who is in the thick of things and the response from MEITY’s RTI – that PUBG Mobile will not be returning to India until March 2021.