The leaked render from the Samsung Galaxy S21 shows the front panel design

What you need right now is another look at Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S21, and that’s exactly what we have.

The latest look comes courtesy of Evan Blass, who posted a render of the device on The leak comes amid a flurry of recent reports on Samsung’s upcoming plans, which could include a trio of new devices and potentially new wireless headsets. As we saw in a recent Galaxy S21 hands-on video, this new render shows that the design has been slightly tweaked to feature a flat front panel, complete with a perforated display.

We can’t glean much more from this lonely rendering; the bezels are pretty minimal, but otherwise not much else stands out besides the glossy wallpaper. It’s not all that exciting. To be fair, most smartphones look identical from the front, so we can’t really fault Samsung. We expect the actual changes to be made on the back of the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S21 has made Evan Blass leaked

We know that the Galaxy S21 series will adopt a new camera module design, with the base model featuring a triple camera arrangement. The Galaxy S21 Ultra, meanwhile, is expected to sport a four-camera setup, along with the possibility of support for the S Pen, which would be a first for the Galaxy S line.We don’t get any indication of this from this render, but there have been a lot. recent leaks to paint a bigger picture.

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Samsung typically starts the year by announcing a new flagship device, so it won’t be long before we get an official look at the Galaxy S21 series. What’s different this year is that Samsung plans to hold an Unpacked event a little earlier than usual. We do not complain.

Blass said he’s sitting on more leaks for the Galaxy S21 series, so expect more information in the coming days and weeks.