The leading face of the Kamal Haasan party, Arunachalam, joins the BJP | India news

CHENNAI: political actor Kamal Haasan headed Makkal Secretary General Needhi Maiam An Arunachalam, one of the party’s founding members, joined the BJP in the presence of the Union Minister Prakash Javadekar.
Arunachalam, who has been associated with the party since its founding in 2018, said he chose to leave the MNM as party leader Haasan refused to take a stand in support of the Centre’s new agricultural laws, to the benefit of farmers.
Being a person from a farming family, he said he understood the benefits of these laws.
Arunachalam, one of the founding members of the MNM, was considered an active office bearer and had taken part in most of the group’s key events.
Despite claiming to be a ‘centrist’ party, the head of the MNM did not agree to support the laws, although he told Haasan that these laws should not be seen through the prism of the BJP, but just as a government initiative aimed at help farmers, Arunachalam said.