The government says the agitating farmers are not fighting for the return of agricultural laws, the government said – the real farmers will talk to organizations.

New Delhi
Tightening their stance against the three new agricultural laws, farmer leaders said on Tuesday that they would withdraw the laws from the government and their fight has reached a level where they are committed to winning it. On the other hand, the government has repeatedly indicated that the new laws will not be repealed. Yes, it can be improved as per the demand of farmers.

Announcement of Chili Border Jam on Wednesday

Addressing a press conference on the Singhu border, the farmers announced that the Chila border between Delhi and Noida would be completely blocked on Wednesday. “The government is saying that it will not repeal these laws, we are saying that we will do it,” said Jagjit Dalewal, a leader present at the press conference. “The fight has reached a stage where we are committed to winning the case,” he said. “We are not running away from negotiations, but the government must heed our demands and come up with concrete proposals.”

An average of one agitating farmer dies every day
Several other farmer leaders also addressed the press conference and called on the people to pay tribute to those who lost their lives during the demonstration on December 20. Farmer leader Ipshipal said an average of one farmer dies every day since the protests began in the last week of November. Another farmer leader said, “Tribute day will be organized in all the villages and tehsil headquarters of the country on December 20 from 11 am to 1 pm for the farmers who lost their lives and were martyred during the protests.”

The government will give a clear signal that the law will not come back

On the other hand, Union Agriculture Minister Narendrasinh Tomar said, “The government is in favor of continuing dialogue with genuine farmers’ associations. The Minimum Support Price (MSP) is an administrative decision and will remain so. Agricultural laws have been welcomed in various states of the country.” Members of the Indian Farmers Union (BKU) met Union Agriculture Minister Narendrasinh Tomar at Krishi Bhavan. “I spoke to a national and regional official of the Indian Farmers’ Union from UP today. They all supported the three agrarian reform laws. They said we are with the laws and the government, the agrarian reform laws are needed,” Tomar said. It was a long time. “
The Prime Minister again hinted at the opposition in a gesture

Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said that farmers gathered near Delhi were being misled under the conspiracy. After laying the foundation stone of some development projects in his home state of Gujarat, Modi said his government was addressing farmers’ concerns over the new agricultural law.

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