The first photo of the Pixel 6 with a camera under the screen appeared

The Slashleaks website published an image from a patent filed by Google. In the image we see a potential Google Pixel 6 smartphone with an under-screen camera.

The source who posted the photos has a 100% trust rating on Slashleaks. The patent description clearly states that the future smartphone has no cutouts and holes for the front camera, which is located below the screen surface.

The image on the right also shows the frame and position of the main camera. Its shape will remain unchanged. Presumably, the camera will include two sensors and an LED flash.

According to analysts’ forecasts, many manufacturers will release smartphones that will use third-generation sub-screen camera technology next year.

The presentation of Google Pixel 6 is scheduled for the fall of 2021.

The real image of Google Pixel 5 Pro with an under-display camera and Snapdragon 865 appears online

The first photos of the new smartphone of the Google Pixel line have been published on the web, which will presumably be called Google Pixel 5 Pro.

The source claims that the Google Pixel 5 Pro will be equipped with a front-facing camera that will be located below the display surface. In addition, it should receive a 6.67-inch screen, a rear camera with four sensors and an NFC module.

The photos on the screen also confirm that the device is equipped with dual SIM slots, Bluetooth 5.1, 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of flash memory.

Google Pixel 5 Pro doesn’t have a release date yet.

Google Pixel 5 Pro with an on-screen camera?

The leak shows that the new Google Pixel 5 Pro will use a 6.67-inch display. There is no front camera opening at the top of the screen, no pops, water droplets and other designs. This design makes it appear that this smartphone is equipped with a camera under the display. However, this technology is not yet ready for mass production. At the moment, only the ZTE AXON 20 5G series commercially use this design. The Google Pixel 5 Pro is very unlikely to use this feature. Therefore, we cannot fully verify whether the Pixel 5 Pro will come with an under-screen camera technology.

As for the configuration, this phone will use the flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor. It will have up to 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage. In the camera department, there will be a quad rear camera setup. Unfortunately, we don’t have specific details on the camera sensors. From the “About phone” page of this phone, we can see that it supports dual SIM.

It’s also important to note that some speculation says the Pixel 5 Pro image is just a prototype. If that’s the case, it may never get to the mass production stage. Even if it did, what we see now could be significantly different from what is mass-produced. The bottom line is that for now nothing is certain regarding the Google Pixel 5 Pro. It is best to take every information about this smartphone with a grain of salt.