The English lyrics of “Snow Flower” by BTS V Are Pure Winter Magic

Shortly after BTS bandmate Jimin left “Christmas Story,” V also spread some Christmas cheer with a new solo track. The English lyrics of BTS V’s “Snow Flower” show that the song is also an ode to snow and how it makes this time of year particularly magical. Here’s what V said was the inspiration behind “Snow Flower”, which will help ARMY keep their chin until spring with its feel-good message.

Just like Jimin, V was inspired by snow and how it is such a crucial part of Christmas cheer when he writes his late 2020 solo track. In “Snow Flower,” released December 24, he begins: “Hey Snow / Arrive today / What should I prepare for? / I’m ready to greet you, ok “, according to a translation by @SpotlightBTS.

The singer then reflects on how the pleasant feeling of winter actually melted the blues he had during the colder months.

“It’s a special event when you enter this season / Your warmth melts my blue and my gray / Christmas without you wouldn’t be Christmas at all. / A glowing mistletoe above us / It’s just you and me / I love you” , He continued.

V, who refers to snowflakes as “white flowers”, says the season makes him want to be “a better man”.

“Falling in love / I feel alone / Stand next to me / I match my steps with you / I’ll sing you this song, ‘You make me wish I was a better man.'”

He concludes his song, “Let’s fill this world with white flowers / Make our vibrations even deeper / Under the street lamps / A flower falls on your smiling face”.

In a blog post, V said he was inspired to write the song due to the anxiety and depression many ARMYs are facing this year, admitting that he “hastily” wrote “Snow Flower” to cheer up fans that may I was disappointed that a long awaited mixtape was rejected.

“As the end of the year approaches, I believe there are many people whose personal anxiety and depression have grown with the thought that it was once frozen. As the mixtape was rejected, I felt sorry for ARMY and wrote quickly this, “he wrote, per post @SpotlightBTS. “I think many of you believe that this year was just a frozen period, and as the end of the year approaches, your anxieties and depression have increased.”

Calling his friend PeakBoy, who is featured in the song, he concluded: “At least for today, I hope the white flowers can land in your heart and feel a warm comfort and a little happiness. I would really like to thank many white angels this year. Happy holiday!”

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