The deaths of Covid in the United States are 310,000: Johns Hopkins University

New York:

With the national case count exceeding 17.1 million, the death toll in the United States amounted to 310,095 at 17:26 local time (2226 GMT), according to CSSE data, the Xinhua News Agency reported. .

New York State recorded 36,052 casualties, topping the US state-level casualty list. Texas recorded the second death toll of 24,932. The states of California, Florida and New Jersey all confirmed more than 18,000 deaths, the CSSE tally showed.

States with more than 10,000 deaths also include Illinois, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Massachusetts, and Georgia.

The United States remains the nation most affected by the pandemic, with the highest number of cases and death tolls in the world, accounting for more than 18% of global deaths.

Deaths from Covid-19 in the United States increased by more than 300,000 on December 14 and added 10,000 in just three days.

On Wednesday, the country reported 3,656 deaths, the highest increase in the number of deaths in a single day since the start of the pandemic, according to data compiled by the university.

Meanwhile, US daily cases rose to 247,403 on Wednesday, the largest number of new cases the country has ever seen in one day, the CSSE chart showed.