The Covid vaccine will be available to 35,000 healthcare workers in Gurugram

Gurugram, December 25 (IANS) The district health department said on Friday that the Covid-19 vaccine will be available to approximately 35,000 health workers in the district’s government and private hospitals.

In addition, in addition to government facilities, Covid vaccination centers will also be set up at private hospitals throughout the district.

On Friday, under the chairmanship of Virender Yadav, civil surgeon, Gurugram, a meeting of the Committee on Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI) was held. The meeting was also attended by the representative of the World Health Organization, Bindu Yadav, officials from all private hospitals and the Indian Medical Association.

Working out the Covid-19 vaccination process, deputy civilian surgeon MP Singh said the Covid-19 vaccination campaign could begin in the district by January.

“For this reason, a training program has recently been organized at the mini secretariat on the vaccine administration procedure and related preparations. Initially, this vaccine will be administered to the crown warriors in a phased manner. The vaccine will first be administered to healthcare professionals , officials and employees associated with health services, “Singh said.

Singh also informed that the vaccination process would be monitored through the Covid portal.


“The process of preparing Covid warrior data has begun on this portal,” Singh said.

According to the government’s instructions, the vaccine has been planned to be administered in several stages so that it can be administered systematically. In addition, the vaccine storage transmission work will be done under government observation.

“A team of five vaccinators will provide vaccines to a group of 100 people. Particular attention will be given to social distancing during this process. The person being vaccinated will be notified in advance via SMS on their mobile phone so that this work can be done. in a planned manner. After the vaccination, the person will need to stay in the center for 30 minutes so that any reactions can be cured immediately, “he said.

The official further said that at the time of vaccination, the information of the person who came for the vaccination will be matched to the online Covid portal.

“The vaccinations will be given after getting the correct information and the person will be kept in the observation room for some time. We will soon start a campaign to provide information on the process,” he added.


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