The country’s first driverless Metro Daily will give the green signal to the Delhi Metro on the late afternoon Magenta Line.

The country’s first driverless metro is going to run soon. On December 28, Prime Minister Modi will launch it with a green signal. It is equipped with high resolution cameras, real time monitoring train equipment, remote handling emergency alarms and many high-level technology to detect the shortage of tracks in the train. DMRC executive director Anuj Dayal said the 37-kilometer Magenta Line (Janakpuri West to Botanical Garden) would start work without a driver.

He said Prime Minister Modi would also launch the National General Mobility Card on this day. It will be for 23 km Airport Express Line (New Delhi to Dwarka 21). The Commissioner Railway Safety (CMRS) has ensured that all the standards for running a train without a driver are met. The UTO launch on December 18 has been approved only after being satisfied on all parameters.

The train has an Indian rail check system, which is based on a high resolution camera. Sources say that this camera identifies the problems occurring in the railway tracks and informs the controlroom. It will now be controlled from the command center. It can be said that it will take a little longer to become completely driverless.

“We are going to start a driverless operation right now,” Dayal said. Now the rowing attendant will be present in the train. Right now DMRC is planning to install rail check cameras on -8 trains on all routes. Now the government has also approved driverless trains. This was not previously allowed in government regulations.

Please note that at present both drivers have front and back boards and also monitor the track. The CMRSA has asked the DMRC to make the train cameras moisture-free so as not to disturb them even in bad weather.

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