The car bombing at Downtown Nashville Police called it a deliberate act

On Christmas morning, a vehicle exploded in Nashville, USA, hitting a large area of ​​window glass and other debris. The tremors were felt in the surrounding houses and people were shocked. The three injured have been rushed to hospital immediately. After a preliminary investigation it is being described as part of a conspiracy.

The Metro Nashville Police Department tweeted that the blast occurred at 6:30 a.m. Friday, prompting provincial and federal officials as well as the fire department and other emergency services. Flames and black smoke were seen at the scene. It is crowded with tourists and has restaurants and many other retail shops.

“The explosion was huge, you can see,” a Nashville police spokesman said. Extensive investigations are being carried out by police departments and federal agencies, the FBI and the ATF. We believe the explosion was intentional. However, police did not reveal the motive behind the blast.

The blast shook the surrounding buildings and caused a loud bang. The Metro Nashville Office of Emergency Management told Nashville Television Center WKRN that a vehicle parked for entertainment exploded and several buildings were damaged. By the way, no casualties were reported. The Nashville Television Center quoted officials as saying the blast did not appear suspicious.