The best Nintendo console exclusive of 2020

While it has certainly had other challenges, 2020 has been a bumper year for Switch owners.

From the social phenomenon that was Animal Crossing to the return of a cult Mario series and some exceptional indie action, these are our nominations for the best Nintendo * console exclusive of 2020.

The best Nintendo exclusives of 2020

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Not only was it exactly the kind of game everyone needed at the start of an isolation pandemic, Animal Crossing: New Horizons took the laid-back and comfortable city building simulator to the next level with a level of customization unlike any other. previous one. New Horizons allowed players to shape their island getaway down to the last square inch, whether you wanted a bustling city full of handcrafted streets and parks, or a paradise island filled with waterfalls and bamboo forests.

77 Small bright details in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The new crafting and customization system allows players to not only decorate their dream home, but also welcome new villager friends into perfectly placed homes with a dazzling courtyard as you might imagine. And while your time at the airport will never be a hassle, New Horizons’ ability to host groups of players was the perfect demonstration of your hard work in creating the perfect island community.

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Supergiant Games has outdone itself with Hades, a roguelike with so much depth, heart, and incredible combat that we haven’t been able to stop playing since it came to Switch. The studio’s first foray into the genre, Supergiant has managed to find clever ways to make every race through the Underworld matter, as players take on the role of the son of Ade Zagreus who hopes to escape Hell.

The expertly written and interpreted cast adds loads of personality to the world, delivering new, sprawling personal missions and developments that players can undertake at their own pace. Sure, progress is being made in unlocking new weapons, discovering new upgrades, and, yes, escaping hell, but Hades makes new personality tidbits, evolutions in relationships, and even opportunities to improve Zagreus’ home feel just as meaningful. It’s a brilliant combination of Supergiant’s storytelling prowess, snappy fighting skills with loads of customizable depth, and wonderful artistry in the look, sound and feel of each of its new worlds with the best game ever made by the studio.

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Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

The musuo genre has always been a bit of a niche, but the latest Nintendo-infused Koei Tecmo rumors have only gotten better. Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity could be the first game in the Warriors series that really appeals to the mainstream, mostly due to its obvious link to Breath of the Wild. What initially seemed to be a leftover for impatient fans until Breath of the Wild 2 proved to be a fantastic game that stands on its own, while celebrating the game that preceded it (or technically after it, in lore).

Serving as a prequel to Breath of the Wild allowed us to experience more of Hyrule before the calamity. The roster contains many iconic characters including the four champions: Zora, Daruk, Urbosa and Revali. Each playable character has a unique set of skills that truly feel different from each other, allowing for plenty of replay value across dozens of missions. While the gameplay is mostly the usual hacking-and-slashing the genre is known for, it’s infused so perfectly with parts of Breath of the Wild like Sheikah Slate and cooking that it really feels like a proper voice, rather than a spinoff.

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Paper Mario: The Origami King

As a longtime fan of the Paper Mario franchise, it’s easy to write any sequel from The Thousand-Year Door as a betrayal of what made the first two entries in the series so great. And, yes, The Origami King isn’t the latest return to the form fans of the franchise would have wanted, but it’s a journey worth taking, with surprisingly touching character moments, hilarious writing, an inventive battle system, and a legend of Zelda value fun puzzles to complete. In fact, this Paper Mario release owes much of its success to the clear inspiration it draws from that other loyal Nintendo series – the world’s Zelda story is used to create a truly inspiring and fun dungeon design. And he always finds clever uses for the many characters Mario meets along the way – we don’t think we’d ever say before that a Bob-omb could make us cry, but here we are. This doesn’t even mention the unique combat system, which turns turn-based battles into geometric puzzles to solve as you race against time. It’s fresh, unique, and while it’s not the Paper Mario we were hoping for before playing, it’s absolutely one we’re so glad we played.

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Pikmin 3 Deluxe

The original Pikmin 3 may have debuted on Wii U, but it really has a chance to make it always shine with Pikmin 3 Deluxe. As most of the missions are relatively short, the ability to play in bed or on the go makes this the definitive version of Pikmin to date. The different areas you will explore on planet PNF-404 are rich, detailed and teeming with life.

Pikmin’s core mechanics of managing multiple teams to solve puzzles before night falls somehow perfectly on the line between relaxation and stress. Nintendo has added a short prequel story and new side missions to this Deluxe version, as well as introducing a badge system that offers player-specific challenges to tackle, giving you plenty more to do even after the main campaign is over.

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