Telecom News India DoTs Left Red Face After Huawei Gives Clearance to Conduct Equipment Tests: Report

DoT Left Red Face After Huawei Cleared Equipment Tests | Photo credit: Times Now

New Delhi: The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) mistakenly allowed Chinese telecom equipment manufacturer Huawei to conduct tests for its devices at a time when the government issued a National Security Directive on the procurement of equipment for use in the telecommunications sector.

According to a Business Standard report, DoT’s Telecommunications Engineering Center (TEC) granted certificates last month that allow Huawei Telecommunications India Pvt Ltd to conduct tests on its devices.

The mistake was not without consequences, although a senior official is believed to have been transferred on the matter that left DoT in the face. The DoT was quick to suspend the certificate at a time when the entire year of issuing the Homeland Security Directive to protect it from potential threats from companies like Huawei and ZTE that have alleged ties to the People’s Liberation Army ( PLA).

Huawei has reportedly issued three “Telecommunications Equipment Mandatory Test Certification (MTCTE)” on November 4, 2020, to conduct testing and testing, the report said.

The problem occurred despite the government urging telecommunications companies first to reduce their reliance on Chinese equipment. The DoT has issued a suspension notice of the MTCTEs issued to the Chinese equipment manufacturer. Similar certificates issued to other telecommunications producers would also be suspended.

“Huawei India has received the certificates as part of the MTCTE Phase 2 procedure. We will fully support the authorities and continue to comply with the MTCTE or any other requirement under the country’s law,” the company spokesman told BS.

Huawei had even started shipping the equipment from the Chinese port, but later had to stop it after the certificates were suspended.

On Wednesday, the government issued a national security directive to formulate procurement policies for equipment for use in the telecommunications sector.

The Security Committee (CCS), led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, will approve a list of “trusted sources” for such equipment and products that can be used safely by Indian telecommunications companies. In particular, the CCS will also decide on the licensing rules of telecommunications companies operating in the country.

The names of producers deemed unsuitable or unsafe by the government will also be shared, Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said Wednesday. “Considering the need to ensure India’s national security, the cabinet has granted approval for the national security directive in the telecommunications sector. According to the provisions of this directive, to maintain the integrity of the supply chain security, the government will declare a list of reliable sources, “Prasad said.