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New Delhi
There is a quarrel between the government and the farmers over the agricultural law. While the farmers are committed to repealing all three laws, the government is saying that the law should not be withdrawn at any cost. In such a situation, farmers have been camping on all the borders of Delhi for many days. Today, the Supreme Court will decide whether it is legal to block highways or not.

Border jam slogans announced today
There have been several rounds of talks between farmer leaders and the government, but no compromise has been reached. At the same time, farmers have long blocked Delhi’s borders. Which is why people are facing huge difficulties. Farmers today also announced to block the Delhi-Noida Chila border.

The Supreme Court will hold a hearing today
In fact, an application was filed in the Supreme Court against the agitation of farmers on the Delhi border against agricultural laws. The petition said that this is causing a lot of trouble to the common people. The court will hear the case on Wednesday. Chief Justice S.A. Bobade, Justice A.S. A bench of Bopanna and Justice V Ramasubramaniam will hear the case. So far, three petitions related to the peasant movement have been filed in the Supreme Court.

What did PM Modi say on the peasant movement?
Apart from this, PM Modi also tried to take the farmers into confidence during his Gujarat tour. Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone of the world’s largest Renewable Energy Park in Kutch, Gujarat. During the program, PM Modi mentioned the peasant movement. He said some people are doing politics and running guns on the shoulders with farmers. They will be defeated by the farmers of the country.

Modi on Kisan Andolan: Modi speaks in Kutch, Gujarat – Conspiracy to intimidate and confuse farmers around Delhi

Prime Minister’s target on cons
PM Modi said that these days there is a conspiracy going on around Delhi to intimidate the farmers. If someone agrees to take milk from you, does he go away with the buffalo? We are giving the same kind of freedom to the farmers as we are giving to the cattle farmers. Farmers’ organizations have been demanding this for many years, the opposition is misleading the farmers today, but they were saying the same thing during the time of their government.