Supreme Court hearing on farmers’ protest: SCA says farmers have right to protest, CJI responds to Harish Salve’s argument

The Supreme Court today held a hearing on the issue of peasant agitation. The court said the farmers should continue protesting but Delhi could not be blocked. The Supreme Court today heard several petitions on the issue. Chief Justice SA Bobade said the matter should be referred to the committee. The committee should have independent members with knowledge of agriculture, who will listen to both parties and report on what needs to be done. “Protests can continue without violence and the police will do nothing,” the court said.

The Delhi government’s counsel told the court that the interests of farmers should be protected. “We are not giving any order affecting you,” the CJI told the Delhi government’s adviser. So we are not listening to you.

The CJI asked the Attorney General whether the Center could guarantee that the law would not come into force until the case was heard. The Solicitor General said it would be difficult. The attorney general said he would respond after taking notice.

The Center had insisted on holding a meeting with the farmers while in court. “We have seen that the Center has not been successful in the negotiations. We do not think the farmers will listen to you. Let the committee take a decision,” the court said.

Salve said the court can guarantee that everyday life in the city is not affected. The CJI said the court could issue such an order only after hearing the union. The court said there was only one thing we could do. That is, after tomorrow, another bench should hear the case.

“Protests cannot be just for protests,” said senior advocate Harish Salve. “That’s what we mean,” the court said. The purpose of the protest should be non-violently fulfilled. Issues of protest should be discussed. Chief Justice Bobde said the aggrieved party should be allowed to speak. The center should also be allowed to respond.

During the hearing, the CJI told the Delhi government’s adviser to wait and not to interfere. “We are aware of the plight of farmers,” the court said. We are Indians. We are sympathetic to the farmers. “We cannot say anything about the number of people gathered at Ram Lila Maidan,” the court said. As such, farmers cannot be asked to perform there.

“Farmers have the right to protest which we will not interfere with,” the chief justice said during the hearing. Farmers should put forward their demands during the negotiations. Farmers have not been able to sit in protest for years. In this regard, BKU’s advisor said that only farmers in the country during the lockdown prevented hunger, not multinational companies. “There is a complaint that if you block the roads, the people of Delhi will starve to death,” the chief justice said.

Let me tell you that your MLA Mahendra Goyal tore up the Central Government’s Agriculture Act in a special session of the Delhi Legislative Assembly today. In fact, the Delhi government had called this special session to discuss the issue of farmers. “I refuse to abide by the black laws, which are against farmers,” the legislator said while teasing the law.

At the same time, BKU’s Rakesh Tikait said that we will decide the next strategy in our panchayat. We have not blocked the roads, the barricades have been built by the police. The Supreme Court is of the view that the matter should be resolved expeditiously. If we are called we will go. The government is talking about amending the law but we want the law to be withdrawn.

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