Stop messaging in the wrong WhatsApp chat window

The popularity of WhatsApp has created some problems for everyone. In addition to receiving too many forwarding and false information, there is the problem of texting the wrong person or group. You can delete messages within seven minutes of being sent, but you can’t prevent recipients from “not seeing” a message they’ve already read, right?

One way to avoid texting in the wrong chat window is to use different backgrounds for certain individuals and groups. Initially, WhatsApp’s background feature changed the wallpaper for each chat window. But the recent update now allows you to set custom wallpapers for individual contacts and groups.

A beta version also gives you the ability to create a random pattern from within the app itself.

It’s okay if you don’t see this feature in your version of WhatsApp. You can create your own custom wallpaper with any third party photo editor like Snapseed, collage maker like PhotoGrid, poster maker like Canva. The methodology is the same for everyone: create a canvas in portrait (vertical) format, choose an image or drawing and add some text. The latter should ideally be placed on the right side of the background for visibility in the chat window.

What you need:

Canva (you can use any photo editing app like Snapseed and PhotoGrid)

How to create a custom background:


Launch the photo editing app to create a background. In this case, it’s Canva.


Choose a template that gives you a vertical canvas (portrait, 9:16 aspect ratio). In Canva, you can get many ready-made options within WhatsApp Story, Instagram Story, Phone Wallpaper templates.


Choose a simple design as your background. You can always choose a personal photo, but a simple light / black background makes chat bubbles easier to read.


In this tutorial, we have chosen a template with ready-made text. It has been removed and the relevant text has been added to the right side of the canvas. The text has also been duplicated so that it is easily visible across the length of the chat thread.


This is probably the fastest way to create a background. However, you can play with color, gradients, patterns here to make a poster according to your preferences.


Save the poster to your phone and set it as a WhatsApp wallpaper for a specific contact or group. This should prevent you from sending messages in the wrong chat window.