Sonu Sood declared the hottest vegetarian of the year by Sub India, sharing a glimpse of his trophy

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has another title. Sub India has named him as the hottest vegetarian of the year 2020. Sonu Sood himself has shared this information with fans through social media.

Sonu Sood shared a photo of the glass trophy received by the Twitter account Peta India, which reads, “Peta India, Hottest Vegetarian Celebrity 2020 Sonu Sood”. Is. Fans of the actor are reacting to this tweet.

It is known that Sonu Sood helps the needy in the age of Koro. The volatility of gold has also had an impact on its business life. Indeed, Sonu Sood’s latest Telugu film Aludu Adhur is on the floor. The film is being directed by Santosh Srinivasa.

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Considering the image of Sonu Sood, many changes have been made in this film. According to the source, two songs have been added to the film for Sonu. The whole project has been changed to suit the changed picture of gold interest after the Koro epidemic. Rewritten and shot several scenes. The director and producer believe that the current picture of Sonu Sood has to be kept in mind, otherwise the audience will be disappointed.

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When Spotboy Ye spoke to Sonu Sood about the changes taking place in the film, he said, “There have been many changes in my life in the last one year. As far as my career is concerned, I will no longer play villain. Now I will play a positive role. I am getting good roll offers. I have to find time to do at least two films every year. ”