Sikh group distributes free food to truck drivers stranded at the UK-France border due to COVID travel ban

When news of a mutated strain of COVID-19 in Britain and South Africa surfaced, setting off alarms around the world, thousands of truckers found themselves stranded on the UK-France border that was suddenly closed. Then, a group of Sikh volunteers stepped forward to provide free food for these stranded drivers

Khalsa Aid members traveled approximately 338km to serve hot meals to drivers stranded in Kent. Sky News reported. Additionally, members of the Sikh charity LangarAid, known for their philanthropic work, traveled nearly twice the distance from Coventry to bring water and food in cold, rainy weather.

Volunteers from Guru Nanak Gurdwara in Kent’s Gravesend helped cook and prepare the vegetarian meals before the group received a police escort along the M20 to deliver them.

On the first day of the special langar, members cooked 500 servings of curry chickpeas with rice flour and 300 servings of tomato and mushroom starters for distribution.

Hours later, the group also received a donation of 1,000 pizzas from a local Sikh businessman who runs the Domino franchise in Kent.

β€œIt’s awful for [the drivers], there’s nothing here – no food, no shops – it’s like a prison to them. We can’t sit down and do nothing, “said KhalsaAid founder Ravi Singh BBC.

“Nobody will starve … You don’t have to be a Christian to know it’s the season of goodwill, you just have to be a human being,” he said. The independent speaking of the NGO’s deep faith in the Langar sewa of the Sikh faith.

French authorities, who had imposed the ban to try to protect the continent from a new variant of the virus found in London and south-east England, said couriers could enter by ferry or tunnel provided they showed the evidence of a negative test for the virus. Selected passengers will also be able to return to the continent.

Their efforts were praised on social media, with Twitter users praising the groups’ “kindness” and “humanity”.

β€œWhile some say ‘so what, they’re mostly EU drivers anyway’, real Brits go out and help those in need. Thanks to everyone who came to the aid of the stranded truckers, you are the best in Britain, “user Andy Conway Morris wrote online.