Side effects of Covid vaccine cannot be excluded: Indian government, after UK warning – coronavirus crisis – video

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The Union government has commented on the possibility of side effects of the Covid-19 vaccine. The government has stated that “adverse” reactions at the start of vaccination cannot be ruled out. In some cases, “adverse” events have been observed with Pfizer-Biontech’s Covid vaccine in the UK. The UK government said people with a significant history of allergies should not get the vaccine. “Adverse Events After Immunization: This is a critical issue. When we undertake a universal immunization program – which we have been doing for many decades in this country – after vaccination we see some negative effects in children and pregnant women. Whenever Covid vaccination is initiated, the possibility of some adverse events cannot be ruled out. The countries that initiated immunization, particularly the UK, saw adverse events on day one. Therefore, it is important that the states and territories of the ‘Union get ready for this. ”Said Rajesh Bhushan, Secretary of the Union for Health. Watch the full video for more details.