Shocking statement about John Cena, WWE’s latest worst, fatal attack on Roman Reigns?

Will WWE’s miserable condition shake Vince McMahon’s head at the news?

Very bad news is coming out for WWE RAW. The final episode of RAW precedes TLC. This time WWE has broken his waist. The number of RAW viewers at this time is the lowest in WWE history.

Will there be a fatal attack on the Roman Reigns before the WWE TLC on the SmackDown?

WWE TLC’s Kutudown has started and an episode of SmackDown has been released. WWE will seek to strengthen the storylines in this week’s episode itself when the company announces what will happen on SmackDown this week. Roman Reigns was attacked by Kevin Owens last week, but it is now believed that Kevin Owens will avenge the Chief Triff trials for the murder of Story on Roman Reigns.

John Cena’s father’s big statement, said – these giants broke WWE’s big record instead of his son

John Cena’s father recently gave his interview to Boston Wrestling MWF’s Dan Mirade. Here he talks big about the future of John Cena and Randy Orton. John Cena’s father said 17-time world champion Randy Orton should be made, not John Cena.

Revelation of Pete’s veteran partner in the big championship match to be held in WWE TLC 2020?

WWE superstar Lana has received a big shock in the final episode of RAW in front of TLC. She has been ruled out of the championship match at WWE TLC due to injury. However in this episode Lana had a big win against Naya Jax.

John Cena’s father makes big statement about WWE 24/7 Championship

Dan Mirad of Boston Wrestling MWF recently interviewed John Cena’s father. Here he talked about all the big issues, including John Cena. He also made a statement about the latest WWE product. This list includes 24/7 championships.

The last episode of WWE RAW before the end of TLC, but the lowest number of viewers in WWE history. This is very bad news for the company. The company has suffered a major setback before TLC. This time 1.527 crore viewership has come. This is the lowest RAW viewership in WWE history.

Published December 16, 2020, 19:35 IST