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The first trailer of Shakeela, played by Richa Chadha, is out. The two-plus-minute trailer provides an honest account of how a young girl from a modest Indian home is forced to become an adult star, but who keeps her conscience clear no matter who the opponent is.

The trailer opens with news of the untimely death by suicide of legendary 90s star Silk Smitha. Questions are raised about who would fill the void. Subsequent montages establish the existence of Shakeela’s lower middle class and how she had no aspirations beyond marriage. However, fate had wished otherwise; the untimely death of his father leads his family to move to the city to seek better lives. At one point her mother tells her: ‘iss shehr mein agar rehna hai toh mujhe sadak pe bikna hoga ya tujhe pardeh par (if we have to survive in this city then either I have to sell my body or you have to do the same on screen). ”

The next montages give us an idea of ​​Shakeela the temptress. Soon we are introduced to the character of Pankaj Tripathi, the intriguing super star and womanizer with an eye for identifying single newcomers. Soon, all matters of courtesy are thrown out the window as his influence on the box office shows no signs of aiding and abetting. The trailer ends with Shakeela taking on Pankaj’s character Salim: ‘Maine joh bhi kia, khule aam kiya, purdeh ke saamne, kisi ko dhokha nahin dia. Kisi pe zabardasti nahin hai ki woh meri picture aa ke dekhe (Whatever I did, I did it openly, I did it on screen, I didn’t fool anyone. Nobody was forced to watch my films.) “

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Shakeela, for the uninitiated, was an adult star of the early 2000s, working primarily in the South Indian film industries. At one time, he seriously challenged the power of the biggest stars of the day. The film will show the traces and tribulations of Shakeela’s life, who despite her conservative Muslim background has become a star in the adult film industry.

In addition to Richa and Pankaj, the film also stars Malayalam actor Rajeev Pillai. It was directed by Indrajith Lankesh.

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