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It’s amazing how many people are unable to go about their business and need to criticize their neighbors for the meanest things. You see them every day on Nextdoor, complaining about overgrown lawns or paint colors that don’t “fit the neighborhood.”

Well, one of these nervous neighbors, referred to in this story as “Karen”, messed up the wrong woman during the holiday season (we’ll call her “Our Hero” for the sake of the story). He had no idea that criticizing his neighbor for having a gargoyle on his porch during Christmas time would lead to a battle of epic proportions.

It all started with our hero’s neighbor sending a note that gargoyles are not “in tune with the Christmas spirit”. So he responded by making Frank the Gargoyle festive with a Santa hat and beard.

Our hero then took a quantum leap on the festive counter by giving Frank some company, a Christmas tree.

Then, the angry neighbor sent another message asking if our hero thinks they are funny. So he decided to add a new element to the day, like an Advent calendar. Then, Elf on a Shelf joins the party.

The next day, Frosty the Snowman showed up on our hero’s porch.

Going one step further, he added a photo of Bruce Willis from “Die Hard”, because, for some, the film is a Christmas classic. These people deserve to be represented in such an inclusive festive event.

Things started to get a little more “A Nightmare Before Christmas” taking care of the cat skeleton was added to the motley Christmas scene.

Then, the neighbor replied with a note that he called our hero “childish” and “ridiculous”.

Next, our hero added a dog skeleton to the scene to keep the cat skeleton company.

via Frank the Christmas Gargoyle / Facebook

The neighbor is getting really mad!

via Frank the Christmas Gargoyle / Facebook

The neighbor came back with another note that said: “IPPOSI HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!!!” have not heard the famous song “I want a hippo for Christmas”?

via Frank the Christmas Gargoyle / Facebook

“With all these notes I received, it made me think of someone else who enjoyed writing challenging notes, namely the Phantom of the Opera,” wrote our hero. “I guess that makes me Monsieur Firmin now.”

via Frank the Christmas Gargoyle / Facebook

The neighbor’s next announcement was that they had referred our hero to the homeowners association. But just like Kevin McCallister in “Home Alone”, she wasn’t going to back down. “Do you guys give up? Or are you thirsty for more?”

Nothing says Christmas 2020 like a plague and rat doctor.

Then, the neighbor got seriously angry and upended some Christmas scenes.

“WHOA !! I’m going away for three hours and there was a scrum!” Our hero wrote. “We seem to have hit a nerve today. Karen’s note today indicated that she is very little appreciated by the fact that I would choose to put VERMIN on my porch.” My demonstration is “horrible” and my parents “must be so proud to have raised such a disrespectful and spiteful daughter.” Well, Karen, my parents are no longer with us, but I’m absolutely sure they would be proud and would love this whole thing. Where do you think I got my sense of humor and charm from? Plus, my mom taught you never to back down from a bully. “

Next, in a totally tasteful move, our hero added some pink flamingos to the scene. John Waters would be proud.

There are another ten days to Christmas and this story is far from over. Who knows what will happen next? Will the neighbors fight on Christmas Eve after eating too much eggnog? Will the city come in and defeat the festive Christmas scene? Or will the neighbors bury that hatchet in a Christmas spirit display?

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PS Our hero took a moment to write a serious note to thank everyone for following his story.

“The holiday season can be a tough time for many of us, myself included, and this year has been particularly craptastic COVID, so knowing my stupid cheating with my nosy neighbor has brought even a little chuckle to so many people. it really warms me up.I mean, I break up everyday, but knowing that people all over the world are fighting with me is really cool.

Then thank those who are working to keep us healthy during these difficult times, “he wrote.

“I wanted to especially thank all the nurses, doctors, EMTs, social workers, RTs and all of you other tough guys on the front line for all of your feedback. It’s so good to know that this stupid page can also provide a moment of relaxation. relief from all the stress you are under right now. You guys are the real heroes of 2020! Frank and his friends say hello! “he continued. “Everyone stay safe and remember — hippos are Christmas AF !!”