SC, Punjab-Haryana hearing tomorrow, notice to remove farmers from roads

Farmers protest: Wednesday marks the 21st day of a farmers’ agitation on the Delhi border to pressure the Modi government to repeal new agricultural laws. On the border of Delhi Farmers’ demonstration The hearing was held in the Supreme Court, they will continue that they will be sent elsewhere. Chief Justice S.A. Bobade, Justice A.S. A bench of Justices Bopanna and V. Ramasubramaniam has issued notices to the Center, Punjab and Haryana. Further, the court said that a committee would be constituted on the matter, which would resolve the issue. Because the national issue needs to be resolved by consensus. The matter will now be heard on Thursday.

During the hearing the Chief Justice asked if you want the borders to be opened. On which the prosecutor said that the court had said during the Shaheen Bagh case that the roads should not be jammed. The chief justice stopped the lawyer by repeatedly quoting Shaheen Bagh. He said how many people blocked the way there? Cannot be cited in law and order cases. The Chief Justice asked during the hearing whether the farmers’ associations have been made parties in the case.

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CJI SA Bobade asked, “Tell me, which farmers’ association has blocked the way?” The petitioner said that there was no information in this regard. Following this, the Supreme Court has issued notice to the Center on the application to remove farmers from the Delhi border.

The Chief Justice told the court that the petitioners, they have no argument. Who has closed the roads in such a situation? On which the Solicitor General said that the farmers were protesting and the Delhi Police had closed the avenue. On which the CJI said that you are the main party on the ground.Farmers associations will listenThe court said it would listen to farmers’ organizations, and also asked the government why no agreement had been reached yet. The farmers’ associations have now been given notice by the court. The court said such issues should be resolved as soon as possible. The Supreme Court has asked the government and farmers to form a committee of representatives so that the two can discuss the issue with each other.

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Who has applied?

The application was made by law student Habshabh Sharma. He says the public is being harassed as roads are jammed due to the peasant movement. The risk of corona is also increasing due to the lack of social distance at the demonstration sites. He said in his petition that the farmers should be removed from the borders of Delhi and relocated to the designated place allotted by the government. Along with this, farmers should also follow Koro’s guidelines during the demonstration.

On the other hand, resolute farmers on Wednesday blocked the Delhi-Noida link road on the Chilla border demanding repeal of the Agriculture Act. Because of this, there is a state of jam. There are long queues of vehicles on the roads. The farmers decided to open the Chilla border late at night on December 13 after talks with Defense Minister Rajnath Singh.