Sapna Chaudhary shared her photo with her son for the first time Sapna Chowdhury shares first picture of her son on Instagram, fans laugh

New Delhi: The good news is that two months ago, Sapna Chaudhary, a famous dancer from Haryana, came to Chaudhary’s house. In such a situation, people were curious to know how this happened and it was bound to be curious. The news of becoming a dream mother came without the news of marriage. The son of dreams was born. It was later learned that Sapna had earlier got married secretly.

Dreams began a new chapter in life
During the Corona period, Sapna Chowdhury started a new chapter of his life, which more and more people want to know. Now seeing this curiosity of the fans, Sapna Chaudhary has shared the first picture of her son on her Instagram account, which is getting tremendous love from the fans. Sapna Chowdhury shared this picture a few hours ago.

Dreams have written this
Sapna Chaudhary has shared a picture on her Instagram account in which she is seen hugging her son. People have often seen Sapna Choudhury dancing, but her mother’s form has come out in front of people for the first time. Sharing this picture, Sapna Chaudhary wrote, “For thousands of years, Nargis has been crying over her discord. Chadan is born with great difficulty.

Fans made love tea on the dream post
Fans are commenting a lot on this Insta post of Sapna Chaudhary. People love this photo. People openly love the son of dreams.

The news came before the wedding news
Let me tell you, when the news of Sapna Chaudhary becoming a mother came out, people were amazed. The reason for this was the marriage of dreams, which people did not know about. After this, the mother of dreams had to come forward and say that the marriage is over. But because of someone’s death at home, it was simply done. Even after all this, it was not easy for the fans to believe.

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