Review: Guvva Gorinka – Gulte

2/ 5

1 hour 57 minutes | Amazon Prime Video | 17-12-2020

Cast – Satya Dev, Priya Lal, Priyadarshi, Rahul Ramakrishna and others

Director – Mohan Bammidi

Manufacturer – Damu Reddy Kosanam, Dalam Jeevan Reddy

Banner – Akar movie

Music – Suresh Bobbili

Low-budget film producers should feel grateful for the covid situation and the lockdown that has opened the door for alternative ways to release a film. However, not many have really made the most of this opportunity so far. Guvva Gorinka is yet another sleep-inducing romantic drama that will test viewers’ patience.

What is it about?

Sadanand (Satya Dev) is a mechanical engineer who is allergic to sounds. He does not tolerate even a little sound, which is why he wants to invent a silent motor for motorcycles. Sirisha (Priya Lal), a music graduate, rents her adjoining apartment and things start to change for both of them after this. They fall in love with each other but make a pact not to see each other face to face until they are inseparably in love.


Satya Dev is a good actor but bad at selecting good scripts. Here’s another lackluster script that disappoints him right from the start. Priya Lal has neither the looks nor the acting skills to impress. Priyadarshi’s play is fine at times, but it is carried too far. Rahul Ramakrishna makes his presence felt and there are a group of comedians who try too hard to keep the film afloat.


The plot is not in tune with the present times and even the direction belongs to the nineties. We can’t expect two people to fall in love without seeing each other just talking through the wall. The director failed to create good dramatic moments to make this outdated storyline work. Suresh Bobbili’s music is fine. A couple of songs are soothing to the ears, as is the soundtrack. The photography is decent and there is a lot to edit even from the film which is less than two hours long.


Movies like Premalekha and Avunu Valliddaru Ishtapaddaru have faced a similar storyline, but they belong to the pre-smartphone era. We cannot expect two people to be connected without exchanging cell numbers, let alone not seeing each other. The director seems to have taken the term “oke gooti pakshulu” too seriously to weave a love story into it.

When the main couple can’t meet in person and just converse through a wall, then there’s no room for chemistry. The scenes where they motivate each other to progress in their respective careers are very cliché and make you fall asleep even when you broadcast this movie after sleeping soundly for eight hours.

Since the romance doesn’t progress from square one, the director had to rely on subplots and comedic scenes that were equally boring to watch. A separate comic sequence was written, shot, and included in the film as the producers might have felt there was no hope that this film would survive. Sadly, even that comedy scene isn’t fun and makes no difference to the overall viewing experience.

The real challenge for anyone listening to this movie in streaming is to watch it in one go. We feel like breaking that damn wall between the main pair so this mess ends quickly. I wish the wall was immediately broken when the heroin first entered that apartment. It could have been so much better if that wall hadn’t been built and this film hadn’t been made in the first place.

Bottom line: Wall romance!

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