Remo D’Souza dances with wife Liezel on a Christmas video that went viral on social media

Renowned Bollywood choreographer Remo D’Souza celebrated Christmas at home with family and friends. A video of the celebration by actor Aamir Ali has been shared on a social media account, in which Remo looks healthier than before. He can also be seen dancing with Aamir Ali and Santa Toy in the video. It is known that Remo was hospitalized after a heart attack. He has recently recovered and returned home.

Apart from this, Aamir has shared a video on his Insta Story, in which Remo is seen dancing romantically with his wife Liezel. Remo has congratulated fans and friends on his Instagram account. She got a glimpse of her decorating home at Christmas. “This is the best Christmas for me,” Remo wrote in a video caption. Liezel I can’t thank you because it’s a very short word. Thank you to all my friends, family members and Merry Christmas. ”

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At the same time, on the eve of Christmas, Liezel has taken a photo of herself in which she is seen hugging her husband Remo D’Souza. He wrote in the caption, ‘This is my best Christmas gift ever. I will cherish this moment forever. After a week of bad emotional ups and downs, I’m hugging you. ”

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“There was only one thing I knew and I was confident in the promise that you would ask me to return as a fighter.” With this, Liezel has thanked Salman Khan. “I would like to thank Salman Khan for his support during this difficult time,” he wrote. You are an angel. Thank you so much for supporting us. ”