Reliance Jio claims Airtel and Vi incite the public by presenting them as anti-farmers, writes to TRAI

Reliance Jio has written a stern letter to the telecommunications regulator TRAI against its rivals Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea. Reliance Jio said in his letter to TRAI that rivals are waging ferocious campaigns against it by spreading rumors that they will benefit from Farm Bills.

Jio in his letter sent to TRAI on December 11, said that a large number of requests to port out have arrived where customers cite it as the only reason for porting Jio. Customers have no complaints or other problems related to Jio services. Jio said these companies continue to remain directly indirectly involved in supporting and promoting the resulting notions, and false and frivolous rumors that Reliance is an undue beneficiary of agricultural laws. This, Reliance says, is unethical.

Jio’s letter further added that rivals’ employees and dealers say that if people move from Jio to their networks, they will help the farmers cause. It said, “We affirm that Airtel and Vi remain relentless in pursuing this vicious and divisive campaign through its employees, agents and resellers. They are inciting the public by making absurd claims that the migration of Jio cell phone numbers to their network would be an act to support the protests by farmers “.

The counters of Jio’s rivals seen on the protest sites

Netizens shared Airtel’s kiosk on the protest site where it was ported for free. Several photographs of people burning Jio SIM were circulated on social media platforms.

Airtel’s response to the allegations

In its letter to TRAI, Airtel denied the allegations. It said: “Despite being provoked by some competitors who we know will go to great lengths to make unfounded accusations, adopt bullying tactics and use intimidating behavior, we have always conducted our business with character and transparency, something we are deeply proud of and known for … The current complaint therefore deserves to be rejected and thrown out with the contempt it deserves. It is in bad taste and is nothing short of foul. “

Economic Times in its report said the letter was sent after more than 50,000 farmers supported a nationwide boycott of Reliance products that includes Jio’s SIM connections and phones. Until the end of September, Jio had 406 million subscribers followed by Airtel with 294 million and Vi with 272 million.