Ranveer Singh loses virginity: Ranveer Singh says he lost his virginity at a very young age

Ranveer is one of the Bollywood actors who talks to Babki on any issue. He talked about sex on condom brand endorsers as well as public platforms, he is not opposed to talking about sex. He once even talked about losing his virginity at the age of 12.

Ranveer made the revelation in an old interview

That interview of Ranveer is very old. At the time he became a brand ambassador for condoms. During the promotion, Ranveer was asked about his thoughts on sex. The interview took place in 2014. Ranveer then said that when he had sex for the first time, he was in school and he must have been barely 12 years old.

Ranveer said – everything started early

“I think I will be 12 years old when I have sex,” Ranveer told the Deccan Chronicle. I started everything quickly. I was one step ahead in everything and everyone’s mother was saying I was spoiling all the kids.

Ranveer was imparting knowledge to other children

“All the children surround me and I was giving them knowledge,” Ranveer said in the interview. They hadn’t heard of this and I became an expert because I started it early.

S * X also did with older women


Ranveer said in the interview that he used to have a lot of fun when the girls gave him a chance. Ranveer said that he is in the fat of adolescence and later became sexy. Ranveer also revealed that at an early age he had sex with an old woman only out of curiosity.