Ranbir Kapoor was asked what he missed most during the blockade. His answer is Winning the Internet

Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor made headlines recently after talking about his relationship with actress Alia Bhatt and their upcoming marriage plans. The actor, who spoke News 18Rajeev Masand, spoke of how he would have married if the pandemic had not happened.

The actor, while talking about his upcoming projects and his experiences in general about the pandemic situation, was asked by Masand what exactly he was missing while under control.

The actor’s answer to the question has now earned praise from his fans on the Internet.

While acknowledging his privilege of not needing to look for work during the lockout period or face any problems, Kapoor also added how wrong it would be for him to answer such a question because there were many bigger problems plaguing the rest. of the world.

The actor’s subtle and thoughtful response is garnering praise on the internet.

At a time when the pandemic has cost so many lives, jobs and caused so much heartache, it is heartwarming to see Kapoor’s reaction in which the actor admits the benefits his position in society gives him.

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The actor, who is ready to play a superhero character in Ayan Mukerji Brahamastra, he also said that if he made the iconic Marvel superhero Iron Man, he would do it differently. Hollywood star Robert Downey Jr tests the role of Tron Man in Marvel movies.

“Even if he offered me to play Iron Man, I would make him a loser, I think,” he said, adding, “It’s just something that comes naturally to me. I’m a huge fan of ‘unexpected triumph’, I love the audience it relates to. to my characters and not … I want my characters to have a recognizable quality and not an aspirational quality. “

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Kapoor has finally confirmed that he hopes to get married to fiancée Alia Bhatt soon. The actor revealed that if there hadn’t been a pandemic situation, the two would have already married.