Ram Mandir Ayodhya Pillar Tests: IITs and experts will find a solution to the technical problem while standing in the construction of Ram Mandir.


  • Technical problem in construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya, sand clay found during piling test
  • New difficulty to stay New in front of experts due to sandy soil foundation falling 200 feet
  • The IIT team is trying to find a solution, the decision will be taken after the report of the experts

After the construction work of Ram temple started in Ayodhya, a big problem has arisen in front of the engineers. An investigation into the construction of a Ram temple in Ayodhya has revealed that there is sandy soil under the foundation.

Experts say the sandstone does not conform to the standards on which construction is to take place. This means that the land needed to carry the load of the huge temple made of stone cannot be found under the foundations of the temple. This came out when the stone at the base of the temple slipped from its place for piling test.

The committee will present the report again in 8 days
The Ram Janmabhoomi Tirth Kshetra Trust has sought the help of some other engineering experts besides the IIT team to find a solution. A sub-committee has also been constituted by the temple trust, after which the construction process will be started anew. In addition, based on the report of the research team, the foundation and the temple will be constructed according to the whole standard … so that its strength remains intact.

There are plans to build 1200 pillars
A total of 1200 pillars will be constructed under the construction plan of Ram Janmabhoomi temple. Before making these pillars, a total of 12 pillars were made by the team from IIT Chennai for testing. When the clam was stressed, they slipped a few inches off the ground. After this it was confirmed that the soil on which the pillar is to be built is sandy soil.

The IIT team is trying to find a way
After getting information about this fact, now the team of IIT is trying to solve it. The members of the trust are also seeking the views of various experts on how to start construction to strengthen the foundation of the temple.

The construction of the foundation was tested before the construction of the Ram temple