Rajinikanth hospitalized for “blood pressure fluctuations”

Rajinikanth suspended shooting his film after four members tested positive for Covid.

New Delhi:

Rajinikanth was hospitalized for “severe fluctuations” in his blood pressure, a statement read.

The mega star is in Hyderabad for the shooting of his film “Annaatthe“but it was canceled earlier this week after four crew members tested positive for Covid.

According to a statement from the Apollo hospitals, Hyderabad, Rajinikanth tested negative for Covid on Tuesday.

“Although he had no symptoms of COVID-19, his blood pressure fluctuated sharply and needed further evaluation so he was admitted to hospital. He will be studied and monitored closely in the hospital until his blood pressure clears. stabilized before. be discharged, “the statement said. Apollo added that, aside from fluctuations in blood pressure and exhaustion, “he had no other symptoms and is hemodynamically stable.”

Rajinikanth admitted in October that his doctors advised him to be especially careful as his immune system was weak after a kidney transplant, which made him more susceptible to the coronavirus. Doctors had reportedly warned the veteran actor that a vaccine was the only solution and they weren’t sure if his body would accept it.

News bulletin

The actor released the clarification after a leaked letter, said to have been written by him, sparked speculation that he was reluctant to join politics due to his health. “The letter is not mine, but the information about my health and the doctors’ advice is true,” Rajinikanth said in a statement.

Last month, Rajinikanth consulted with his group and said he had decided to go into politics and launch his own party, which would contest the Tamil Nadu elections scheduled in four months. “It’s now or never,” he said, promising a miracle in the polls.

Sources close to the 70-year-old had previously said he would be returning to Chennai in two days for the announcement of the New Year’s launch date.

The plan is for two leaders of his “Rajini Makkal Mandram” group to launch a two-week tour of Tamil Nadu on January 4 and visit each district to oversee the party’s preparations on the ground, including the establishment of booth committees. After their return, Rajinikanth will formally launch his political party in the third or fourth week of January.