Raigu asteroid images: new photos of asteroid Ryugu charcoal-like parts of rocks taken from the surface revealed: ‘Black gold’ in Japan refilled from a space of 300 million kilometers, photographs shocked

Japan’s space agency JAXA has released to the world images of precious specimens of the asteroid Ryugu orbiting in infinite space about 300 million kilometers from Earth. The asteroid specimens in these pictures look completely black, like coal. These samples were collected last year by the Japanese Haibusa 2 spacecraft. The Japanese vehicle has recently returned safely to Earth. The specimens found in the capsule of the Japanese vehicle are astonishing to scientists around the world. Let’s learn all about this ‘black gold’ from space …..

Samples of asteroids are very special, hard rock

Japanese experts said that these specimens of the asteroid Ryuguna are 0.4 inches in thickness and are rock-hard. Earlier, Japanese experts released a photo of the second sample from the Hybusa 2 vehicle. It contained small, black and sand-like particles. The spacecraft collected the sample separately from the second location in February 2019. The Japanese vehicle collected samples from the planet’s surface for the second time. This specimen has been found in another part of the vehicle. In July 2019, the Japanese plane landed for the second time on Asteroids. During this time, the vehicle effectively fell to the surface of the asteroid which exploded on its surface. This led to samples of asteroids that were not affected by space radiation.

Ryugu is a Japanese name meaning ‘palace of dragons’

Japanese professor Usui has reported that the hardness of the rock beneath the ground on the surface of the Rayugu of both planets varies. He said there was also a possibility that the second time the vehicle landed somewhere where there was a hard rock beneath the surface. He said this was the reason why large pieces of asteroids were found and came inside the vehicle. The specimens found after landing on the asteroid for the first time were small, black and sand-like. Ryugu is a Japanese name meaning ‘Dragon’s Palace’. Ryug is a planet that is very close to Earth. It is about 1 kilometer in size. Raigu is about 300 million kilometers from Earth. Scientific observations of these precious specimens will now be carried out and the Earth and Moon will be observed with the help of scientific instruments.

A Japanese vehicle set out to find a ‘Defense Shield’ for Earth

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency’s Haibusa 2 mission was launched in December 2014. It reached Ryugu in 2018 and samples were collected in 2019, some of which were below the surface. The Haibusa 2 capsule is the first time a rocky sample has been taken from inside a planet by a mission. This is the second time untouched material has been brought back to Earth by a planet. It was found after a successful landing in Australia. Following this success, the Japanese vehicle has now embarked on a second planetary journey, which will be completed in about 11 years. The name of this asteroid is ‘1998KY26’. The purpose of this journey is to learn how to protect yourself from a rock if it comes to earth from space.

The ‘black gold’ investigation will reveal the truth of the scope

Japanese scientists hope that with the help of these samples, answers will be found regarding the birth of asteroids and the origin of life on Earth. Scientists at the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency believe that the specimens, especially those taken from asteroid surfaces, can yield valuable data. Space radiation and other factors are not affected here. Makoto Yoshikawa’s project manager said that scientists would have to analyze the organic matter in the Ryug soil. After examining these samples, Japan will provide these samples to NASA and other international space agencies for further investigation.