Rahul Gandhi Writes to Lok Sabha Speaker, Stating He Was Not Allowed to Speak at the Parliamentary Panel Meeting | India news

NEW DELHI: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi Thursday wrote to Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla arguing that he was not allowed to speak freely at the meeting of the parliamentary defense commission and asked for his intervention, the sources say. In his letter, Gandhi urged the president to ensure that the right of elected parliamentarians to speak freely at parliamentary panel meetings is protected.
He also said that the president, being the keeper of the Parliament, should ensure that discussions and presentations in the defense panel are consonant with his role and objectives.
Gandhi and other members of his party on Wednesday walked out of the parliamentary defense committee meeting, arguing that the jury’s time had been wasted in discussing the military uniform instead of the crucial issue of national security.
He has not been authorized to speak at the meeting since panel president Jual Oram (BJP) when he tried to raise the issue of Chinese aggression and better equip soldiers at the border in Ladakh, the sources say.
“It is a member’s right to report deviations from the agenda and purpose of the Standing Committee. The Committee is free to disagree with what I say, but the fact that the President does not even allow a member to speak is a sad comment on how the government manages. military affairs.
“Sir, as a spokesperson for the Lok Sabha and guardian of the Chamber, I urge you to intervene and ensure that the discussions and presentations held in the defense committee are consistent with the role and purpose of the institution and that the right of elected deputies to speak freely is protected “, Congress wrote the boss.
He expressed his dismay at the contents of the meeting and the way it was conducted and said that he intends to provide legislative oversight over the policies and decisions of the Ministry of Defense, being the primary interface between the defense forces and representatives elected.
Gandhi said the agenda for discussion at the meeting was military uniforms, but taking into account the current military situation it felt surprising.